What Colour T-shirt Should You Wear this Summer?

Don’t feel like you have to rely on blue or black shirts to look good this summer – try out one of these other great colour options to switch things up! These bright and fun choices will be great for the summer, and won’t take too much attention away from your outfit. Plus, they can help you stand out from the crowd at the office and even at social events, like backyard barbecues. If you need some new T-shirts in general, stop by sbachelor! They have many great colours in all shapes and sizes – even plus sizes!
If you’re not sure what colour t-shirt to wear during the summer, follow this guide. It will tell you which colours will make you feel cool and fresh, and which ones to avoid at all costs!

Choosing the best colour t-shirt

It depends on your complexion and hair colour. Generally speaking, light colours are best if you have pale skin with dark hair; dark colours look better with tanned skin and blonde or red hair. However, there are lots of exceptions to these rules (maybe you should leave fashion advice to sbachelor…), so always consider other factors too: for example, if you’re outdoors in sunlight a lot, a white t-shirt may be more practical than any other colour. And don’t forget about shirts like plaids and florals that might not match any normal definition of summer colours but will definitely bring a bit of sunshine into your life—and let’s face it, we all need that in the current weather!

Avoid Colours that are too bright

If you wear too many colours that are bright, your outfit will look out of place. For example, pairing a bright yellow shirt with bright blue pants or shorts. Similarly, pairing black clothing with red clothing can cause your outfit to stand out for all of the wrong reasons. Instead, opt for lighter shades of blue and red clothing to compliment a black shirt; if you absolutely have to wear a deep shade of red or blue, stick to neutral shades like white or grey shirts in order to tone it down. The same rule applies to sunglasses as well; opt for brown, black or tortoiseshell frames over bold greens and yellows in order not to look like you’re trying too hard.

Play with Contrast

A recent study found that wearing a bright yellow T-shirt will make you more attractive to potential mates and boost your dating success. While it’s unclear exactly why being yellow made these men more attractive, it may have something to do with contrast. Research shows that certain colours — like red, orange and pink — stand out against skin tones. This can be beneficial if you want to look thinner or appear healthier than you are (i.e., wearing a pale blue shirt on a pale person can make them appear green). Yellow isn’t quite as dramatic as some of these colours, but it still makes for an eye-catching shirt that might make you look more vibrant or healthy than you really are.

Go for Neutral Colours, Too

Colours work in harmony, so if you don’t want to make a statement with your T-shirt, it’s best to play it safe and go for something neutral. White and blue look great on men of any colour or skin tone. Navy and grey also have universal appeal. Be sure to wash T-shirts after every wear, though—you don’t want them yellowing over time!

Choose Your Fabrics Wisely

Let’s face it, most T-shirts are made from either cotton or a synthetic fiber blend. While both fabrics can be made to feel light and breezy (or warm), cotton T-shirts breathe better than blends. In hot summer months, you’ll likely want your T-shirt to feel lightweight as possible; opt for a 100% cotton fabric that feels smooth and soft against your skin. The exception is when it comes to layering—in colder weather, pairing a lightweight T with a heavier knit sweater or sweatshirt will trap in body heat while keeping you comfortable enough to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking or biking.

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